About Us

Our Mission

To build, sustain and grow a community that provides education, mentorship and resources to the next generation of young entrepreneurs, allowing them to elevate their ideas to the next level.

In 2011 the SouthCoast Chapter of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneur) first supported and sponsored TYE (TiE Young Entrepreneurs). This program matches ambitious high school students with successful entrepreneurs, as well as mentors and college professors, to help the participants learn the art, science and business of entrepreneurship. Each year since then, the local chapter has held a competition where the student teams pitch their completed business ideas and plans, with the winning team going on to compete in the global competition.

The Entrepreneur Academy (TEA) is a non-profit organization that supporters can contribute to in order to support the TYE competition and other educational programs that are designed to foster entrepreneurship. In 2020, TEA ran a graduate summer program in conjunction with Miramar College’s Regional Entrepreneurship Center (REC).


We look forward to many years of supporting educational programs that foster entrepreneurship, and we look forward to your support in our efforts. If you’d like to actively support the program as a mentor, or if you can support TEA financially, please use the buttons below to get started.


Our Brand Logo

The Entrepreneurial Academy’s logo is designed to convey several messages.

Light Bulb

The first thing you may notice is the light bulb shape with the rays. This has for a long time been associated with having a great idea and represents the great ideas that fuel entrepreneurs.

Light Bulb Base

The base of the lightbulb is the letter E to signify entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.

The Entrepreneur Academy logo
Brand Type

Finally, the name is shaped over the logo in an arch, representing community, inclusion and strength.


We also see that the light bulb doubles as a person with hands in the air signifying jubilation at success or maybe just “having the light come on” with the next great idea or fix to an obstacle

Pencil and Book

Below is the pencil point and the book representing knowledge learned from the book and knowledge captured by the pencil.