Will the student receive a college course credit for this program?

No, this is not an academic course and is not for credit. This is a hands-on 30-day bootcamp that will equip high schools students with the tools they need to create and launch their business concept.

What is the modality of the course? In person or online?

2 sessions taking place online and 1 in person (if possible)
It is our goal to be able to conduct some of our sessions in-person, but this is dependent upon current COVID-19 laws and regulations.

Will there be hands-on experiences?

Yes, there will be several opportunities for hands-on experiences with:

  • Workshops that encourage students to work with one another to develop their business concept
  • Team-building that allows students to make connections with their peers
  • Opportunity to build your own business from scratch
  • Mentors to guide students on their journey
  • Networking opportunities
What future opportunities will this program provide?
  • This program is a great primer to the TEA Class of 2021 program which begins in Fall of 2020
  • This program fulfills the prerequisite requirement for our TEA Incubation program, where they can get further resources/prototype
  • Potential internships opportunities, and blueprints for founding their own business
  • Building relationships through teamwork with other high school students
  • Opportunities for letters of recommendation and as a resume builder
Who is the program affiliated with??

We are affiliated with TiE/TYE.

What is the daily schedule?

Courses will take place virtually Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 12 noon.

Nine hours of instruction and approximately 3-5 hours weekly at home for a total of
approximately 12-14 hours weekly.

Who are the instructors?
  • Instructor Devang Thakkar
  • Instructor Vivek Chhabra
  • Professor Nikhil Varaiya, SDSU
Who are the speakers?

Past speakers include:

  • Andy Laats, founder of Nixon Watch
  • Michael Antonorsi, founder of Chuao
  • Maresa Friedman, marketing guru
  • Janet Fitzgerald, public speaking coach
  • Eugene Izhikevich, CEO of Brain Corp
Program fees and discounts
  • The program fee is tax-deductible
  • Checks should be made payable to SoCalEED

$50 Referral Discounts

  • Referring student must currently be enrolled in one of our programs
  • Referring student must also be enroll in the Summer Bootcamp
  • Referring student will receive $50 for each student referred
  • There is no limit on number of students refered
  • After referring 5 people, the discount doubles to $100 and incrementally goes up in $50 for every set of 5 people.
  • Discount will be applied and refunded once this program starts