Speakers and Mentors

At The Entrepreneur Academy, students have the opportunity to meet and learn from successful, high-caliber entrepreneurs.

Anders Norrman

I have worked in financial services for close to 20 years. Although I have not been an entrepreneur, I think I can help guide and assist young entrepreneurs in deciding if an entrepreneurial career in finance is right and what to look out for.

Areas of Expertise: Business Finance & Accounting

Arash Adami

My experience is in the biotech, medtech, and life sciences industries. My background is in neuroscience, regulatory affairs, device technology (hardware/software). I teach at Miramar College and love helping students focus on the business model by streamlining the other tedious activities (setting up email, website, budgets, social media). I am also a soccer player, rock climber, and triathlete. I look forward to meeting everyone!

Areas of Expertise: Business Operations, Business Finance & Accounting, Business Strategy & Planning

David Choi

I have started or was involved with many successful and not-so-successful startups in several industries including tech, consumer goods, and life science. I’ve also had the pleasure of advising many of my students’ companies, especially in tech and consumer goods, many of which have become great companies over the years.

David Ferran

I started my first company when I was 22 and raised my first $1million of venture capital when I was 24. I got lucky (worked hard) and took my first start-up public on NASDAQ. I spent the first 42 years of my career making mistakes and learning valuable lessons. These days I am trying to help young entrepreneurs figure out how to launch and build successful companies while avoiding some of the mistakes I made.

Areas of Expertise: Business Finance & Accounting, Business Operations, Business Strategy & Planning, Intellectual Property, Non-Profit, Product Development

Raj Pabari

I'm a social entrepreneur who believes every venture is an opportunity to serve a broader purpose. I started my first company at 10 years old and have been hooked ever since. I find unique solutions to real-world problems and have innovated in various fields including portable charging, peer-to-peer tutoring, biotechnology, online education, and water leak detectors.

I am the CEO of Off Grid Technologies, Inc., a company that makes portable chargers that harness renewable energy to charge devices without direct access to the power grid. Off Grid Tech has won 1st at the 2020 TYE San Diego competition, 1st at the REC Innovation Lab Showcase, and the Maker Faire Award at TYE Globals.

Areas of Expertise: Business Strategy & Planning, Product Development, Technology & IT

Ravi Gupta

In a world of fancy apps, and one button purchasing, I represent old school brick and mortal retail. I run a fueling, hotel, and convenience store company. I service everything from Snickers bar on your way to work, to belly flops at your favorite hotel pool. I want to teach that retail is not dead, and the next generation of entrepreneurs will have enormous opportunities.

Areas of Expertise: Business Operations, Business Strategy & Planning, Sales, Marketing, & PR

Vish Krishnan

I am a Professor at UCSD as well as Harvard teaching Innovation and Entrepreneurship, so this is a very related area. I am also an angel investor and co-founder of startups.

Areas of Expertise: Product Development, Technology & IT, Supply Chain Management

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